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  1. Feb 21,  · The Correct Format. It's never correct to say J'ai lui pronoun lui goes before ai, which begins the compound verb, like this: Je lui ai dit (I'm telling him).The major exception is the imperative mood (l'imperatif), when object pronouns follow the verb: Donne-le-lui (Give it to him/her). Here are some examples of the correct format.
  2. Par conséquent, je l'ai dit Ralph je accepter la première option. Therefore, I told Olson I would accept the first option. Et je l'ai dit avec une force terrible: ELLE-N'EST-plus-vraie.
  3. Finally I've found a worthy enough reason to write a blog post. I've been wanting to make the curtains in my home "smart" for a while now. I have what is called "grommet curtains" and there are apparently no off the shelf solutions to automate is this kickstarter project called Slide which retrofits to any curtain type, but that is still in its early stages and a bit pricey (~$).
  4. Oct 17,  · Hi and welcome Manorrd. I'm pretty sure you're mishearing that sentence, since no native speaker would ever say j'ai lui dit, not because it is not good grammar - few eople would be deterred by that detail - but because it is not idiomatic. I think they say je lui ai dit; pronounced fast, it sounds like "j' lué dit". p.s. Give the Méditerranée a big hug for me please.
  5. Je ne vous l'ai pas dit mais j'étais inquiète ce jour là. Aujourd'hui vous êtes face à moi, vous souriez, vous avez repris du poil de la bête, vous faites une remonté spectaculaire en très peu de temps! Vous faites de gros efforts, vous vous êtes fait opéré, quel courage. Bravo.
  6. Je l'ai!' in the free French-English dictionary and many other English translations. arrow_drop_down - Online dictionaries, vocabulary, conjugation, grammar Toggle navigation.
  7. KOULOUBA: On n’écrit pas ‘’Je l’ai dit’’ mais plutôt ‘’je lui ai dit’’, (les notions insolites d’IBK à la presse) Posté le 10/01/ Oui, IBK, nous commettons des fautes de graves fautes d’ailleurs!
  8. And yeah, whats with this "Je L'ai Dit"?? It means "I said it" in french. It is to symbolize that whatever is there in this blog is written by me and not derived from anywhere else (unless stated).
  9. French Comme je l'ai dit, beaucoup est fait mais, à l'évidence, beaucoup reste à faire.

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